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Ready to dive into the miraculous world of natural living? Let me be your ally and mentor along this journey of discovery.  Following the link beside this text will lead you to a seperate site where you will find all the doTERRA information and options that your heart desires. ​I​​ do recommend contacting me before solidifying this commitment so that I can help you decide which is the best place to start and offer a complimentary wellness consultation. 

Your kit should come with much more than the oils you purchase! Every membership kit unlocks wholesale prices for one year, a custom welcome package from me access to our exclusive Omni Facebook group! This is a community that will help you transform the way you view your wellness as you dive into our dense offerings of weekly class schedules, safety trainings, business mentoring, personal development resources, monthly raffles and all the daily Q&A - Imagine being at the forefront of this revOILlution in health-care! Take the power into your own hands and see what it is like to live the dō life :)

Custom-made Aromatic Remedies


This service includes a 1:1 wellness consultation with Brooke where she will gather the necessary information to clearly develop the intention for this special blend. Afterwards, she will utilize her sharp intuitive ability to combine certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils + gemstones + herbs to create a one of a kind 10mL roller vial of bliss just for YOU!

Cost includes shipping, packaging, and companion notes detailing the benefits of your blend & tips on how to use it
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MtQBwY Alchemical Potions

Over the years we have crafted special blends that have been loved over & over again. If one resonates with you and your current needs, than this is a great way to try a taste of our magick at a more affordable rate. 

Cost similarly includes everything listed in the Custom Made Aromatic Remedies, with the exception of no 1:1 consultation as there is no customization available for these blends. Please consult our MtQBwY Potions page regarding our current available recipies.

Energy Healing

This offering is an in-person 1:1 session in the privacy of my home-office. ​This offering is only available to people I personally know who live in the South Florida area, by request, after the provided application linked here is completed and submitted for review.
During our time together, I will check your chakras and aim to realign*retune*reawaken your energy with various non-invasive tools such as essential oils, crystals, sound, and light. An option for massage with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils is available as an option (at no additional charge). Sessions are roughly 1 hour, then afterwards, grounding time is also an integral part of the process which includes a card reading + tea + space to journal or share your personal reflections.

Tarot/Oracle Card readings

This is a grand opportunity to have a form of tangible contact with your subconscious realm and spirit guides.

You will have the option to choose from a plethora of Brooke's unique decks, or she will intuitively decide how to best proceed. The readings are edging on the side of unstructured because this is how the guidance is best channeled through her. Although there will be an opportunity to ask a certain question, you will be encouraged to remain in the present.
This offering is unique as she will only accept requests for readings by trade of some form of energy exchange (we all have our own gifts to share!) You will receive a private recording of your reading to refer to at any future time. (Video chat, 30 mins)