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  1. Essential Oils 101
    DEC 6
    Essential Oils 101
    Learn the basics with Brooke! This Facebook Live course is by invite only so please use the contact tab to request access! Will only be available through 2nd weekend of Dec.
  2. Witchy Sh!t
    JAN 27
    Witchy Sh!t
    OMNI Essential Team exclusive ~ Facebook Live New moon ritual - crystal grids - altar spaces - essential oils for meditation Contact me to receive info about gaining access!
  3. Self Love Mastery
    FEB 17
    Self Love Mastery
    MtQBwY Facebook Live Love is a big topic during Valentine's week... how are you nourishing the most important relationship in your life? The one with YOURSELF!
  4. Springtime Renewal
    MAR 24
    Springtime Renewal
    MtQBwY Facebook Live Favorite tips, tricks, and routines to step into the mindset while honoring this refreshing season.
  5. Intro to:
Crystal Healing
    APR 30
    Intro to: Crystal Healing
    MtQBwY Facebook Live Interested in crystal healing? Want to know where to start? I'll go over some basic tips for becoming acquainted with this subtle energy work and explain why I love crystal grids 🗣Tune in live to ask me specific questions! I love to extend gifts for those who participate 💝 This will be recorded on FB Live directly within the MtQBwY page - this event page is simply up to serve as a reminder for your calendars!
  6. doTERRA & Chill
    May 20
    doTERRA & Chill
    {What} are essential oils? {How} do we use them? {Why} doTERRA? Includes several activities, raffles, and delicious bites to eat (all infused with CPTG oils, of course!) - Recorded - inquire for access to video
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These are their stories about setting their wild woman within free, and how that changed their lives for the better. Read their stories, soak up their beauty, be inspired by their power, allow yourself to be moved by these special women.

Everyone has their one oil. Others have yet to discover their one love or need to re-up on some favorites. BROOKE HAS GOT YOUR BACK. She'll even create a unique blend for you and add a little sprinkle of her own magic to it. She is number one in reliability; you can trust that she will tend to your exact needs.

She created a blend called Living It Up for me in the spirit of enhancing my yoga practice and truth be told the blend is so helpful. Before class, I'll use the roller over my temples, neck and chest before diving into my practice. Living It Up helps my mind and body to relax, allowing me to focus and transition through the asanas with more ease.

As an initial skeptic, I can attest to DoTERRA's authenticity. Their entire team will deliver your exact request with pleasure. Don't ever hesitate to drop Brooke a line, she is always happy to help. DoTERRA is so unique from any other oil brand out there. It's a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their life. Thank you, Brooke!!
Kacey Livingston ❁  Living Yoga
"A little over a month ago I purchased both the Earth Mama and Priestess potions from Brooke. The transaction was super easy, I received the oil blends quickly, and they are absolutely divine.

The level of loving detail and high quality put into these is absolutely amazing. I am now wearing them as my daily scent. Thank you so much for creating something so sensual and delicious"

"I've had the pleasure of experiencing Brooke's gifts over this past year. She's a profound healer, intuitive alchemist of essential oils, crystals, as well as an energy healer & tarot guide.​

Her potions would make such great gifts - I can't say enough on how phenomenal of a custom blender Brooke is. Her magic radiates through everything she does."
emma Elisabeth

Cardinal Muse
Alicia McNee
I tried a session for the first time today with Brooke for shoulder pain, and after the session I went to play pickup basketball. I played for 83 minutes straight without losing. MY team won 5 games in a row. I burned 1323 calories.

Most importantly, I felt great!!!

My shoulder pain had subsided and I had such good energy the entire time! I highly recommend everyone to try a session with Brooke and you won't regret it!

Brooke is so professional and kind! She provides an amazing service and I will most definitely be coming back from future sessions!

#goodvibes #crystals #energy #healing #maythequartzbewithyou #oils
David Nudel
"You can't just listen to Brooke. You have to see her face when she's in action.

She is truly one of the brightest stars I have ever met."
"Get her oils !! They are the best!

I still have mine and it still smells wonderful!"

Traveling Jersey Girl
Nancy Tipton
"I have yet to meet someone in person who sparkles like Brooke. When you are with her your heart can barely be contained in your chest. Her presence makes you want to go swim with dolphins and chase rainbows and start a parade to tell everyone how fucking magical they are.​​​

Simultaneously, her wisdom will have you sitting at her feet asking all of life's important questions, listening with as much presence and focus as possible. This woman is as beautiful, vast and mysterious as the ocean as every woman should feel comfortable enough to be.
I love her dearly."

Katie Burke ❁  Katie