I am so glad that you are here, thank you for your presence.

You have arrived to the cyber-haven of a self-proclaimed witchy wild woman.

This sacred space, nestled somewhere safely within the infinite realm of the interwebs, houses a myriad of offerings for today’s revolutionaries, soul-seekers, brothers and sisters alike.

May the Quartz Be with You was realized through a big vision to unify our collective. Around these pages, you will find details of the offerings I am so deeply passionate about sharing with our world. 

You are going to take a peek into the mind of a priestess; the mystical lady you will grow to know and love. It is my mission to share this wisdom I've gained because I know it is what the world needs right now.

So sit back (or stand if you wanna be extra healthy), and bear witness to the ever-changing visionary ~ energy healing, tarot card reading, song-bird humming, super cuddler, mama-bear lovin',  Brooke Alexandra Rosenblum. 

Brooke is a portrait photographer, certified crystal healer, wellness advocate, and epic smoothie bowl creator at Raw Republic in North Miami Beach, FL.

You can usually find this mermaid soaking up sunshine by the ocean, backpacking around the world, or groovin' within her goddess cave at home. Alchemy would be a close second for her middle name as this sparkley unicorn being never ceases to create magick to share with loved ones.
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