Brooke is a  dōTERRA wellness advocate, certified crystal healer,  portrait photographerand a sister within the Real Ass Woman Collective

You can usually find this mermaid soaking up sunshine by the ocean, traveling around the world, or groovin' within her goddess cave at home. Alchemy would be a close second for her middle name, as this sparkly unicorn-being never ceases to create tangible magick that she can share with her loved ones.
A Few Personal Fun Facts:

Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Aries Rising (+ 5 planets in Capricorn!)

Clifton Strengths top 5: Positivity, Empathy, Activator, Futuristic, WOO

ENFJ-A, The Protagonist

DISC Personality - *I*

I was trained to sing operatically at a young age, but I enjoy singing classic rock or folk most!

Speaking different languages is not my strong suit, but I happen to know Serbian fairly well!
Hopefully Italian one day ;)